Who Is Michael Island?

I‘m a writer, artist, publisher,
sports fanatic, music lover, TV geek,
selfish bastard and hopeless defender
of the conceptual realm...

I stand for independence,
integrity and excellence.

I don‘t tolerate evasion,
laziness or bullshit.

Compromise is not
an option...

I don‘t love the
world I live in.

Everywhere, every day,
I see honest and productive
individuals punished for their
virtues and triumphs.

I see them envied and
derided by the weak.

I see them sacrificed
to the poor.

I see them crushed
beneath the weight of
greater numbers...

I see this and I want
to fight back.

I want to
right these injustices
in any way I can.

I want to create and promote
good products and ideas.

I want to expose dishonesty.

I want to persuade
anyone who matters to
prioritize rationality
over democracy.

I want to change minds.

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